by hansmole

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released December 13, 2015

written, recorded, and mixed by Hannah van Adrichem
mastered by Jakob Nielsen

thanks justin, thanks jakob, thanks steven



all rights reserved


hansmole Victoria, British Columbia

hi, i'm hannah. thanks for stopping by!

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Track Name: Given Names
we are all given names that we
tell to earth, earth tells to stone, stone tells to blood, blood tells to bone
and by the light of a spark in the dark
i'll see - as it's poured over me, in the form of frozen water, by the daughter of my daughter - what that name will be

sew me into the seam between
where i did lean my left arm against the arm of a friend, in the karaoke bar
for when i fall into that thin bit of thinning all around
i will see, as it plummets past me, all forms of foreign bodies in frozen water, poured over in naming me:

"inchoate and like some heavy thing in deep water"
Track Name: Watermelon Sugar
on a blue summer's day
folding up grass boats and sitting in palm-shade:
"hold your tongue on those habits of language you formed when you were young"
"man, i have looked near and narrow to me, i have thrown in with medicine bowls. And having seen what i have seen, i no longer want to turn the world to stone"

"i wish instead to be
bearably borne, in a constantly held form
and not winged away like i'm sat in a grassboat to be held only in palm-shade
i see these constant forms, silver to my sore eyes
i see diana, with a golden blanket, and she is sparkling in the sunlight"

i am swimming in watermelon sugar
Track Name: No Devils
crushed to a pulp
ground to nothing, super feeling
life is a joke
when you're told you're getting what you're needing
and it gets revoked
with a sharp shock, then undertow

in the time it takes a falling body to light

and you are asked to witness this
i am two houses half buried in sand

in the time it takes a falling body to light
i would wish to be uncovered, 'neath the morning sky
as a sight to guide
as a sight to guide
as a body taking ritual care to be alright
Track Name: Heavy Magic
draw a salted circle three feet around my feet
two inches down by tooth and nail, and foot in mouth (endlessly)
to bring about the signs and wonders drawn to me
or the glowing stone of a gentle home
and someone to whisper to me while i sleep

a solid body

but should there be a decent need of a light in a dark place
i'll show the wick at the centre of me and i will plead:
"diana golden-blanket, i have seen the sunrise - wrap me up to keep me warm and i'll sparkle in the sunlight or
in the shade"
Track Name: Yeah
"did you fuck up?"


Track Name: Vessel/ Veil
taking comfort from the one that gives you disquiet
now ain't that a serpent with its tail in its mouth
through a thin wall, no callous to it at all
hear me tossing a turn in my sleep
through a bad dream, where you were the one for me
now ain't that a serpent with its tail in its mouth

falling through a surface that you caused to give out
(now ain't that a serpent with its tail in its mouth)
or through a thin wall, no callous to it at all
inchoate and like some heavy thing in deep water
in deep deep water
stretching out for a surface that you caused to give out

tell me i'm the vessel, and lift the veil
Track Name: Roslyn
back in 1999
crashed the car and survived
you should have never let me drive
"what would you have done if we'd died?"
what would i've done if we'd died?
well, i could never tell a lie

fell through the ice when i was five
hit the water and thought i'd died
water, tell me a lie
"you will live a long life"
yeah, we'll all live a long life
but is it one that we'll like?

i was stung
by the jellyfish's son
his tentacles got my tongue
his breath filled my lungs
his voice was beautiful
when he sung
Track Name: Soothing Syrup
while i'm still warm, ring the milk out of me
a couple pints to feed the needy
softly simmer it into a soothing syrup
and apply it when you need a salve

oh, use me

i would like to dip my feet into those healing waters
i would like to lend a hand
but i'm not one to be moved by the sadness of an ordinary man
who's crying:

"oh, soothe me"
so sue me
Track Name: Tender Middle
the heavy magic of a delicate balance
is what keeps my cant from being heavy to a side
Track Name: Life Ain't Easy
i cannot remember the last time i saw myself

don't ask about my main squeeze
you know life ain't easy
when i feel like i'm healing
you know life ain't easy
can't stand up to a small breeze
can't hold ground, weak kneed
Track Name: Comfort
when i am older, when i'm grown up, when i am tall
when i have abused this metaphor to the point where it means nothing at all
when i have taken on water (a more generous metaphor, a more lenient line)
the heavy magic of a delicate balance will keep my cant from being heavy to a side

i don't want to be together, i don't want to be apart - i don't want to crumble to comfort

keep tending your tender middle with generous shade